3D Blu-Ray Players

What good is a 3D TV if you can’t rent your favorite movies in 3D?  Enter Blu-Ray Players, which are amazingly cheap to purchase, with basic models running from about $125 (on sale, often for Christmas) to $300.  This is a – of about 26% since April of this year.

Some of the more popular models include:


Panasonic’s basic model of 3D Blu-Ray Player is the DMP-BT100.  It currently retails for about $225 and offers full HD 3D, true to cinema sound and picture, and is also wifi ready.  Panasonic also offers two more models with a few extra features and better parts:  the DMP-BT 300 and the DMP-BT350.


Samsung’s basic model of 3D Blu-Ray Player is the BD-C5900.  It currently retails for about $229 and offers crystal clear sound, true 3D in high definition, 2 channel audio output, 1 HDMI output, and theater quality picture.  Samsung also offers two more sophisticated models:  the BD-C6900, which retails for $349, and the BD-C7900, which retails for $399.


LG offers a 3D Blu-Ray Player knowns as the BX580, which currently retails for $349 and offers wifi connectivity and surround sound up to 7.1 channels.


If price is an issue for you, my recommendation is to wait until just before Christmas – or possibly even until just after Christmas – to purchase a 3D Blu-Ray Player.  Prices have been declining quickly in the last few months, and this trend seems to be accelerating.