3D Technology: Helps To Give A Unique Experience


Watching 3D movies has become a trend in the present time. There were 3D movies in the past also, but this style is much more prolific currently in the film world. There are dozens of 3D movies coming every year and people are very enthusiastic to watch them.

The 3D we observe in movies is quite different from the 3D we get to feel in video games or other computer-generated platforms of media. The latter just gives a virtual “feeling” of 3D using advanced rendering techniques of software. The former is also known as stereoscopic 3D. It is surely a more real thing and greatly catches the attention of everybody. It involves the aspects of real depth using the video capturing techniques which mimic the viewer’s eyes.

3D Technology

Many years back only very less people were fortunate to get the 3D TV technology to their homes. Now, the cost of this technology has gone down, and people are getting more and more eager to get the exciting 3D TV systems to their own houses.

You have three choices for 3D TVs meant for the home theatres. These are – plasma TV, auto stereoscopic 3D displays and projection-based 3D large screens. All these 3 systems have their distinctive features.

The projection based one gives a real cinema experience due to the big-screen effect. You can upgrade it to single DLP projectors which make use of Active 3D-based system. The plasma TV is a quite simple system that is very easy to set up. In auto stereoscopic the viewers do not require to don the 3D glasses as display screens make use of lenticular sheets.