3D TVs: Involve Different Techniques


The 3D TV is capable to deliver videos and images in three dimensions. The displays achieve this through a latest technology for delivering separate images to the each eye of a viewer. Each eye observes a same shot, but at a little different angle like what we do in actual life. After this our brain combines these together and we can interpret information and images in third dimension.

The terms such as Plasma TV and LCD TV indicate to a particular display technology. But the term 3D TV is not used for indicating any specific kind of 3D displays technology. Different manufacturers depend on various 3D display technologies for delivering a remarkable 3D experience. This involves active shutter glasses which are synced with a television display. There are also passive 3D techniques that involve a TV display outputting polarized light.


Few manufacturers are also working hard on the glassless 3D TV displays. A lot is expected from this latest innovation. The enhancements in glassless 3D technology surely indicate that it would replace the present 3D technology relying on active or passive glasses.

The various 3D TVs use different display technologies for achieving 3D effect. All such techniques deliver the 3D visuals using a technological innovation. It delivers a separate image for the each eye of viewer.

The 3D TV technologies that need some kind of eyewear are very comfortable and convenient. These are surely not obtrusive as people may feel them to be. Most people quickly forget that they have 3d glasses on their eyes and immediately immerse in the 3D environment.