3D TV Prescription Glasses

If you are a geek like me, chances are that you wear a pair of prescription glasses.  While I think glasses are cool (especially on a woman) wearing a pair of 3d tv glasses over your regular glasses certainly isn’t cool – and it’s a real pain.  What if the two could be combined… what if you could get 3d tv prescription glasses?

Now Samsung has just announced that it is offering 3d tv prescription glasses.  To get a pair, you simply drop off your prescription at any Samsung shop, and about one week later… voila, you’ve got a pair of 3d tv prescription glasses.  Sounds cool!  And it prevents others from “borrowing” your glasses.

Of course, there are some issues with this.  The glasses will not work with all 3d technologies, so you might not be able to use them for your friend’s 3d tv or in the cinema.  It also increases consumers’ investment costs for 3d tvs, which may deter some from buying, or at least make them postpone it until 3d tvs no longer require glasses.  If you have a spouse and two-and-a-half children, that’s quite a financial investment.  Samsung has not yet announced the price for the 3d tv prescription glasses.  I do also wonder how fashionable they will become, and how comfortable they are.

In any event, kudos to Samsung for moving the market forward with this new product.  Samsung has been great in pushing 3d technology forward.