3D TV Programming

3d TV ProgrammingRecent technological advances have resulted in an increase in the production of 3D movies, and as more and more 3D programming is created, the industry is calling for some form of standardization. This would include the technology used to create, distribute and display 3D TV shows and movies as well as the television components, screens, and 3D glasses used. The industry is also searching for standardization in the way existing movies and broadcasts would be converted to 3D TV cable and dish programming.

Future programming for 3D TV shows will be broadcast via cable to your television by one of several means. The first will be content recorded as true 3D TV shows: coded, transmitted and displayed as such. The second will be content recorded originally with two-dimensional technology. This media will need to undergo special coding to be converted into three-dimensional video programming. It will then be transmitted to a 3D TV show broadcast decoder to be displayed onscreen with the use of special 3D glasses.

To date there are several channels with 3D TV programming including a Japanese channel that shows 3D TV shows four times a day and SKY Sports 3D. Sky is expected to release a 3D movie channel later this year. ESPN just announced the creation of ESPN 3D which will show 85 live sports broadcasts a year; which will be followed by a joint venture between IMAX, SONY and Discovery channel which will broadcast 3D movies and documentaries.

Future 3D TV shows and episodes are also expected to be shown. Already some 3D TV programming has been made available. Sitcoms 3rd Rock From the Sun and Simpson’s have provided 3D content with the use of promotional 3D glasses, along with Medium, Chuck and Arrested Development and several sitcoms available on British television. Cable providers Comcast, Cox and DirecTV partnered to show the Masters Tournament and NASCAR’s Coke Zero 400 race in 3D. 25 matches of the FIFA World Cup, center court at the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament in France, and the Socceroos by Fox Sports have also been broadcast in 3D.