3D TV Reviews

3d TV ReviewsMany manufacturers have announced new 3D TV models to be added to their lineup of high definition flat screen televisions. But with any new technology, the price is expected to be a limiting factor in the number of people that buy 3D TVs. While many manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung and LG are expecting releases in the market this year, industry experts expect the market to really take off in the coming years. For those who must have the latest and greatest technology, it is recommended they first check 3D TV reviews to ensure they are buying the best 3D TV models. 3D TV ratings and reviews for various models are a good way for consumers to know exactly what they are getting.

A recent review of the Panasonic Viera TC-P65VT25 Plasma 3D TV rated it one of the most talked about 3D technologies available in the market. This 3D TV model features an infinite black pro panel display with an amazing 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Unfortunately, Panasonic has only seen fit to supply buyers with a single pair of 3D glasses. Another downside is Panasonic’s lack of effort to convert 2D images for 3D viewing. So unless you are watching a 3D movie on a 3D blue-ray player, leave the 3D glasses on the coffee table.

3D TV reviews for the Samsung UN55C9000 LED LCD 3D TV gave a ‘most innovative’ rating for its powerful 3D processor which provides the most life-like images available for a completely new television viewing experience. As one of the thinnest on the market at just over a quarter of an inch, Samsung has released one of the best 3D TV models to date. This ultra-slim line is achievable by moving much of the TVs circuitry into the base of the TV. Notably, Samsung’s 3D processor actively converts 2D content into 3D images. The TV is also WIFI enabled and comes with a chic touch-screen remote.

The LG 55LX9500 LED LCD 3D HD TV has all the features worth mentioning, and very few of the downsides of other 3D TV reviews. Like the Samsung, this LG 3D TV model is WIFI enabled to provide limitless access to home theater viewing. The TV also features an auto sensor to adjust various levels dependent on room lighting and other inputs. Along with being easy on the eyes, it is easy on the wallet since it uses less energy. The outside of the TV is almost as attractive as the insides with a 480 Hz TruMotion processor and an amazing 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio; making LG’s notorious action-blur a thing of the past.