3D TV Technology


With the great evolution in the sphere of televisions, 3D TV has become the most popular technology in the current era. The most popular 3D movies like Avatar and Up have been approached and appreciated by the people all over the world. The high quality technology, crystal clear picture and sound give delightful views to the viewers. It has been observed that television manufacturers started developing various dimensional home TV technologies. There are a good number of techniques or methods that the manufacturers use while creating 3D images on LCD TV. You may find some of them expensive as well as feasible.

Looking at the popularity of 3D home theater, the manufacturers have come up with three major technologies which will be in great use in the coming years. These are – Lentiular viewing, passive glass systems and active glass systems.

3D TV Technology

1. Lenticular viewing: The most spectacular aspect of this technology is that you do not have to wear the glasses to watch movies or anything else. Philips is the sole pioneer of this magnificent technology. This particular technology offers completely different pictures to both eyes. Your left eye will view something which is entirely different from your right eye. It emulates your eyes with the use of stereopsis. Stereopsis is the process which discerns your eyes. When you are watching something on your TV, you are required to sit on a particular spot. Due to its viewing angle it enables only a couple to watch at the same time.

2. Passive glass systems: This technology allows viewing both 2D and 3D images on your LCD monitor. This technology has been pioneered by Hyundai. Here, the viewers are required to wear glasses to watch 3D images and pictures. This is not a new technology and is available at feasible rate. You can go for 40”-50” LCD TV with this particular technology.

3. Active glass systems: Active glass systems are almost similar to passive glass systems. Synchronizing the glasses with the TVs, the viewers can easily see the 3D images. Both 2D and 3D images are comfortably seen with this. Samsung and Mitsubishi are the developers of this type of LCD TV monitors which are pretty expensive.

These are the three methods which are in great use these days. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the best 3D TV for your home.