New Glass Free 3D TV from 3DFusion


A new range of glasses free 3D TVs are ready to make a buzz in the market. If you become bored to wear 3D glasses these new TVs will allow you to enjoy 3D content without glasses. 3DFusion has announced its first TV in the market with stereoscopic broadcast quality. The company was working on the glasses free 3D technology from the last few years. And back in 2009, a news spreader that 3D Glasses free TV is being developed.

 3D TV from 3DFusion

3DFusion was a pioneer in this technology when the first time they showcases their glasses free 3D TV at the CES event in 2009. Also the company has set up a demo display set for public of the TV. At the Ithaca Mall in Ithaca, NY, the company has set up the demo.

Most of people are not able to afford the high cost of 3D TV and a few don’t like to wear glasses to watch a TV. 3DFusion at least tried to solve a problem of glasses. And I think more people will accept this new technology and enjoy 3D in a new way.

According to the company they will show more demo version and place all over the US. Actually they are planning that people get a feel of the real thing. The company is ready with its commercial version of 3D TV without glasses. The President of 3DFusion, Mr. Steve Blumenthal, confirmed the commercial version of TV. However, he has not given any clue about price of TV but mentioned about competitive price. Just wait for its launch so that the world can feel the 3D without glasses.