Glassless 3D TVs

The biggest factor holding back consumer acceptance of 3D TVs is the often uncomfortable 3D glasses that people must wear to watch a program.  Couple that with the price of the glasses, and having a few extra pairs of glasses lying around so that the guys can come over to watch a sports game is an expensive luxury. So, the dream has always been to create glassless 3D TV – television that can be watched in 3D without the need for glasses.

Now, Toshiba has produced the world’s first glassless 3D TV, the Toshiba Regza GL1, which just was released on the market in Japan. The TV is a mere 12 inches, and retails for the equivalent of $1400.  A 20 inch and a 40 inch model are supposed to be released soon – the expected prices for these models has not yet been announced.

The drawback with the glassless 3D TVs is that they must be watched from a specific angle; if you don’t watch them from that angle, then the image will appear blury.  This again brings up the problem of having the guys over for a sports game – 12 inches just isn’t enough, and all the guys can’t be sitting at the same angle; as well, you can’t just get up and walk around as you please.

Still, Toshiba’s relase of the glassless 3D TV is a big step forward for the 3D TV market and promises better things to come as the technology develops.  Toshiba has not yet announced when this new line of televisions will be released in the United States.