Mitsubishi 3D TVs

Mitsubishi is a smaller player in the 3D TV market, because they seem to concentrate on offering high end products for the discerning consumer (of course, at an appropriately high price tag).

Mitsubishi uses the same DLP technology that is used in cinemas playing 3D movies, as a result their products offer cinema quality 3D TV.  They offer several lines of 3D televisions – the 735 series, the 835 series, the C9 series, the 737 series, the 837 series, the C10 series, the 638 series, the 738 series, and the 838 series.  All series come in 65, 73, and 82 inch models, with many series also offering 60 inch models.

Most Mitsubishi models require the separate purchase of a starter kit that includes two pairs of 3D glasses and the needed 3D IR emitter.  This kit retails for about $400.

All in all, Mitsubishi 3D TVs are quality products and are well worth considering when deciding what 3D TV to purchase.