Samsung UN55C9000 3D TV: Uses Superb Display Technology


The Samsung UN55C9000 3D TV is a premium 55-inch flat screen TV. It has ultra-slim screen, and sophisticated plus sleek styling.

Samsung UN55C9000 3D TV


The UN55C9000 3D TV is capable to display complete 1080p content. The panel has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. All the HD content is presently at 720p, 1080p, or 1080i. The 1080p display used here makes it compatible with all 3D and HD content. The 1080p is not the highest found resolution as Toshiba’s Cell 3D TV has 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution. But, the video content producers seem to be in no hurry to move over 1080p resolutions.


The UN55C9000 3D TV comprises of a LCD panel with 240Hz refresh rate capacity. The enhanced refresh rate gives three fantastic benefits over the lower end LCD TVs.

1. You should note that greater refresh rate is much better to view 3D content using Samsung’s active shutter glasses. This is due to the fact that each eye would perceive 120Hz refresh rate as 3D system’s active shutter share the TV’s active frame rate. This would result in a smoother and delightful 3D experience having no flicker.

2. The 240Hz display gives judder free smooth movie playbacks that are produced at 24 frames/ sec. The refresh rate depends on video frame rate for example 240Hz refresh rate is refers direct multiply 24fps – 24×10 = 240. It is interesting to note that frames from video could perfectly sync with the refresh rate of LCD TV. This gives a judder free and smooth playback.

3. The more refresh rate found here offers a much better viewing for higher speed video like action and sports movies. The more refresh rate reduces ghosting issues and motion blur. This gives a enjoyable and smoother viewing experience.

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