Sony 3D TVs

Sony offers a large range of 3D TVs, including the Bravia line which incorporate a liquid crystal display active shutter glass system and frame sequential displays.

Perhaps its most popular Bravia model is the Sony KDL40HX800. The reason for its popularity is its low price – it can sell for as low as $1000.  To accomplish this lower price, the KDL40HX800 is smaller – only 40 inches, but offers the same quality offerings as much larger 3D TVs, including high definition, 1080 p and 240 Hz.

The largest TV in their Bravia line is the Sony KDL55HX800, which has a 55 inch display.

One advantage of Sony 3D TVs is that they offer exceptional quality 2D display.  As there is still a lot of content only available in 2D, this can be a real plus, although this advantage will decrease over time as more 3D media become available.

As well, for a serious cinema quality experience, Sony offers a home projector, namely the VPL-VW90ES 3D Projector.

Sony has always been a technology leader and recently announced new hybrid field-induced photo-reactive alignment technology that speeds the response time of LCDs, which will enhance picture quality in future generations of 3D TVs.

In addition to its line of 3D TVs, Sony offers a Deluxe Starter Kit for $399.  This kit includes two pairs of 3D glasses, a 3D Sync Transmitter and a 3D Blu-Ray of Alice in Wonderland.

Sony of course also offers a line of 3D Blu-Ray players.

Sony is committed to ensuring that there is lots of 3D programming available for its products, and has partnered with IMAX and Discovery to launch a new 3D network next year.