Sony KDL-55NX810: Gives Fabulous Picture Quality


The Sony KDL-55NX810 offers splendid features and top quality. It is a 1080p, 55 inch, edge lit LED 3D ready TV. It comes as a part of Sony Bravia NX810 series that features 3D televisions. You should note that the NX810 got introduced recently by Sony.

Sony KDL-55NX810

The highlights of Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX810 are:

1. The monolithic design gives a slim, elegant, single panel having a thin bezel that provides a finished glass appearance.
2. It gives a remarkable 3D performance along with very less cross-talk as well as ghosting visible.
3. There are black levels similar to Plasma. You will find superb contrast ratio complemented with fantastic backlight uniformity.
4. The integration with different Sony equipment is faultless.
5. You get to see beautiful, bright and sharp picture, having a higher degree customization that can match your room conditions and personal preference.
6. The onscreen menu of it is simply perfect. You can navigate easily and quickly.
7. The Motionflow PRO technology has lots of potential and it works well with the fast-motion videos. It does not introduce much in the path of artifacts.
8. There is a fabulous suite of streaming video and internet apps. It is much better as compared to the products by other manufacturers.

The Sony KDL-55NX810 comprises of 1080p HD screen that is capable to deliver high-definition 3D content in all of its 1080p glory. You should note that it’s also an excellent panel for different gaming. This series also comprises of Sony Opticontrast Panel technology that was earlier available just on their HX909 and LX900 series. This involves a clear surface treatment as well as resin sheet sandwiched between the front glass and LCD panel. It minimizes the refraction and reflection of screen surface and reduces glare. This greatly enhances the contrast ratio and allows the deeper blacks.

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