Toshiba 3D TVs

Toshiba has been a smaller player in the 3D TV market, but in recent weeks has made a major push to increase its market share.  It has done this in two ways:  slashing prices dramatically and introducing 3D TVs that do not need glasses.

For Christmas 2010, Toshiba has slashed prices of many of its models, with significant discounts of 50% or more.  This allows consumers to get started with a Toshiba 3D TV for only about $1300, with 3D Blu-ray and 3D glasses included for free.  No doubt this attractive price point will encourage consumers to consider buying their models.

Toshiba’s most popular 3D TV series is the Regza 3D TV. Two new Regza 3D TV models will be released soon, namely, the Toshiba WL700 and the Toshiba ZL800.  The WL700 comes in a 46 inch screen size, and both models also come in a 55 inch screen size.  Toshiba has chosen to use active shutter glasses for these models.  These televisions also come with technology that allows viewers to convert 2D programs to 3D, which is helpful, but as the company calls it, only “near high definition.”

3D TVs that do no need glasses are the way of the future, and Toshiba has stood out as a leader in being the first to introduce these to the market.

No doubt Toshiba will be a major player in the 3D TV market for the foreseeable future and have a product line that is worth looking at.

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