Universal 3D Glasses

3D TV glasses are expensive.  If you are having some buddies over to watch the game in 3D, you could be looking at over $1000 in just glasses alone.  Obviously, this is not a cheap option.  And if your buddy decides to do the same and owns a different model 3D TV, then he will also need to spend over $1000 in just glasses.  But if everyone could just use the same pair of 3d glasses for all 3D TVs, then this problem would disappear.  Overcoming this expensive hurdle would likely increase the market for 3D TVs.

To this end, the Consumer Electronics Association is working towards getting companies in the field to adopt an Companies involved in the effort include Sony and Samsung, and plans are to have the standards in place before the end of the year, so that universal 3D glasses using this standard can be marketed in 2011.

Already, there are some 3D glasses on the market that work with a number of different 3D TVs.  The most well known one is the .  The glasses also work at movies, saving cinemas the cost of providing viewers with 3D glasses.  These glasses cost around $125, which compares favorably with the price of 3D glasses offered by manufacturers.

Another popular option for 3D glasses comes from .  Monster’s Universal 3D Glasses cost around $250 and run on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

The rumor is that Samsung’s 3D glasses, when worn , will work with almost any 3D TV :)

Expect to see a wider range of universal 3D glasses available for sale in 2011, and hopefully a single standard for them,  so that  manufacturers can compete on price.